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What is Black Spectacles?
Partial subscription access
Partial subscription access

Access to individual learning tools, single ARE divisions, or access for under one month

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When you purchase access to any ARE 5.0 subscription, you'll get access to study content for all six exams. The same applies to our Software Learning subscriptions, you'll get access to all software courses.

Practice Exams are only available through an Expert, Premium or Pro subscription.


Q: Can I buy a subscription to study content for one ARE division? Is there a subscription available for Practice Exams only?

A: Subscription tiers always include access to study content for all 6 divisions, at no extra cost. We do not sell subscriptions for a single ARE division or sell subscriptions for a la carte learning tools.

Q: I only need to study for a few days, can I buy a subscription for shorter than one month?

A: Subscriptions are offered in monthly and annual renewing cycles. We do not offer subscriptions for shorter than one month.


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