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How to cancel your subscription
How to cancel your subscription

How to cancel your next renewal

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It's easy to set your subscription to end at the close of the current billing cycle. This step can be performed anytime before the next renewal date. 

Once this step is taken, you'll still be able to study until the renewal date and time listed in your member settings (see image below).

It's all automatic, so no need to worry about beating the clock and cancelling on the last day of your subscription. 

  1. Visit your account settings by clicking Settings ⟶ Manage Subscriptions

2. Answer the questions on the next screen and let us know anything about your experience.

3. Click Cancel Subscription and you'll then be shown the date and time your subscription will automatically end.

4. If you forgot to take this step before your subscription recently renewed and do not wish to continue studying, please reach out to support by clicking on the blue chatbox in the bottom right of this screen.

Our refund policy on subscriptions is a full refund within 3 days of your renewal date. Cancelling your subscription after the renewal date will not trigger a refund or immediately end your access.

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