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Subscription renewal terms
Subscription renewal terms

Terms and conditions for your subscription

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All of our subscriptions (1-mo, 12-mo) automatically renew on the anniversary time and date of the initial purchase.

Your member profile will note the date and time of your next renewal.

It's easy to set your subscription to automatically end at the when they billing period ends.

This step can be performed anytime before the next renewal date. Click the Cancel Subscription button before your renewal date and answering a few short questions about subscription.

Once this step is taken, you'll still be able to study until the renewal date and time listed in your member settings (see image above) and your subscription will then end automatically.

No need to worry about beating the clock and cancelling on the last day of your subscription.
When you join us again, all study progress is saved for your return.

Cancellations performed after the start of a new billing cycle will not trigger a refund on any previous charges.
If you failed to cancel your subscription before the beginning of a new billing cycle, please keep in mind our policy is a full refund within 3 days of a renewal. If you're within this timeframe and would like to end your access and request a refund, please click on the blue chat icon in the bottom right of this page with your request.

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