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Difference between Expert, Pro and Premium subscriptions
Difference between Expert, Pro and Premium subscriptions

Guarantee your next pass with an Expert Subscription

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Expert subscriptions include access to all study content available with Pro, plus access to attend one live Virtual Workshop per week (Sundays at 2pm CST).
Expert access also includes our Pass the ARE Guarantee.

Pro subscriptions include access to Video Tutorials, Practice Exams, Digital Flashcards, Practical Application Videos and Study Guides for all six ARE 5.0 exams.

Premium subscriptions include access to Video Tutorials and Practice Exams for all six ARE 5.0 exams.

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Q: Do you offer a free trial?

A: While we do not have a free trial for our ARE 5.0 prep, you can watch select Video Lectures for free in the Preview Dashboard.

Q: Can I buy access to study content for a single ARE division?

A: Subscription tiers always include access to study content for all 6 divisions at no extra cost. We do not sell subscriptions for a single ARE division.

Q: Will I receive any printed study materials?

A: No. Our subscriptions offer online learning tools only. The learning tools are only available while logged in with an active subscription and are not printable.

Q: Can I pause my subscription?

A: No. Our monthly subscriptions allow the most flexibility to start and stop access on a monthly basis. Our subscriptions cannot be paused or stopped before your renewal date.

Q: Can I download Videos to watch offline, later?

A: Videos are not able to be downloaded or available to watch offline.

Q: Can I use my subscription on my phone or tablet?

A: Yes, you can access our site on your phone or tablet on any mobile browser. Keep in mind that Practice Exams are best experienced on a computer due to detailed graphics contained in questions.

Q: What if I miss a Virtual Workshop, are there recordings available?

A: Virtual Workshops are held as live interactive workshops and require participation from each member attending. Recordings of each Virtual Workshop are not available.

Have more questions on our subscriptions and ARE learning tools?

Visit our comprehensive FAQ or reach out to support by sending us a message via the blue chat-box found on the bottom right of this page.

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