1. I don't need to study right now. Can I purchase now and delay my access for a later date?

    Once you purchase or upgrade any subscription, access to your study content begins right away.
    We don't offer the option to delay access to the content after purchase.

  2. Can I use this coupon later?

    Black Friday coupons expire on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving at midnight and will not be valid after expiration.

  3. Can I purchase a 6 or 12 month subscription and pay for it monthly?

    We offer optimal pricing for our longer subscriptions when you purchase a 6 or 12 month subscription.

    When you purchase a 6 or 12 month subscription, you're charged for the entire subscription cost upfront and cannot be billed monthly for it.
    If you're interested in monthly billing, we have monthly renewing subscriptions available which also allow for greater flexibility to stop and start access between exams.

  4. What if I want to stop my 6 or 12 month subscription before the renewal date?

    Our subscriptions can't be paused or stopped before the renewal date and are non-refundable.
    If you know you won't need 6 or 12 months of continuous access, just purchase a monthly subscription. Monthly subscriptions offer the most flexibility to start and stop studying month to month

  5. I bought a subscription awhile ago, can I add one of the coupons to my current subscription?

    Yes! Black Friday discount codes can be used to upgrade your current subscription to offer additional access or a longer subscription length.

    Just login and visit the pricing page:
    - From the pricing page, place a new subscription into the cart and add the coupon code that matches with the subscription length you're upgrading to.
    You'll be shown the prorated charges to upgrade based on where you're at in your current billing cycle.
    - If you upgrade to a longer subscription length, your new billing cycle will start on the day you upgrade.

    NOTE: Discount codes cannot be used in your member profile.
    Please login and visit the pricing page to upgrade your current access with the discount code.

  6. What's Software Learning? Is it related to your ARE prep?

    Our Software Learning tutorials cover numerous design programs such as Revit, Rhino, AutoCAD, etc.
    Our authors cover the basics on how to use these programs as they relate to architecture. Software Learning subscriptions are not related to our ARE exam prep and do not cover any exam content. 

  7. What's the difference between Premium, Pro and Expert?

    Premium subscriptions include access to video tutorials and practice exams for all six ARE 5.0 exams.
    Pro subscriptions include access to video tutorials, practice exams, digital flashcards, practical application videos and study guides for all six ARE 5.0 exams.
    Expert offers everything that Pro includes plus access to our live, interactive Virtual Workshops, every Sunday at 2pm CST.

  8. I only need access to one exam, how do I purchase content for a single division?
    I'd like to access the Practice Exams only, can I buy access to these on their own?

    All of our subscriptions offer access to all six ARE 5.0 exams.
    We offer 3 different tiers of content for each subscription: Premium, Pro and Expert. We also offer flexible month to month subscriptions which are extremely easy to cancel ahead of the next renewal when you no longer need to study. We don't offer access to content by a single exam or by individual products. 

  9. I'd like to buy a gift subscription for someone, or someone I know wants to gift me Black Spectacles. Is this a possibility?

    At this time, we don't offer the option to gift subscriptions. It's on our radar and we're working on it!

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