We put together a curriculum we've called Virtual Workshops, to get you live, weekly, virtual, in-depth exercises, accompanied by a Q&A session with a practicing architect.

Virtual Workshops are included with an ARE 5.0 Expert membership and come with all study content included in our Pro memberships.

Each division's Virtual Workshop will occur every Sunday at 2pm CST for 2 hours via video meeting.

For the first portion of the workshop you’ll partake in an immersive exercise covering 1 of 4 common topics ARE candidates struggle most with in that division. Then you will have time for Q&A with full access to a licensed architect the entire time.

How We Did It

We convened our ARE Committee, a group of highly qualified architects who continuously evaluate the topics candidates struggle with the most. They then created some world class exercises for you to hone your skills in these problem areas. If that wasn’t good enough, we doubled down and thought, “let’s put them in front of a licensed architect in a live setting, every week, to review these concepts and hammer them home.” 

For 2 hours every Sunday, have access to a licensed architect who will guide you through these curated, in-depth exercises, and then a live Q&A.

How It Works

Virtual Workshops run in a 4-week cycle, with no start or end date. Once your Expert membership starts, you can hop into the cycle, and in 4 weeks you’ll cover all the topics.
If you elect to stay for more than one month, you’ll review the same topics again, but with new exercises - so you can really ensure you’ve mastered these concepts. Each Virtual Workshop is independent and does not build off one another, so you can truly join at any time.
And remember, with your Black Spectacles membership, you get access to content for all six divisions, so you can switch over to a different exam’s workshops at any time.

How to Manage Your Expert membership

Once you downgrade through your member profile to a Pro or Premium membership, you'll lose access to all upcoming Virtual Workshops.

Downgrades take effect immediately. The difference of the time remaining in your Expert membership and any lower tiered membership will be issued as a monetary credit to your account and cannot be issued as a refund.
Credits will remain in your account indefinitely and will automatically apply to your next purchase or renewal.  

If you're completely done studying before your next exam and you don't need to access any content after your next renewal date, just visit your member profile any day before your next renewal date and set your membership to cancel.
When you take this step, you'll retain access until the renewal date and time of the initial purchase and your access will automatically end when the billing cycle is over. 

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