What system requirements are needed for the Virtual Workshops?
Before your first Virtual Workshop, ensure you’re setup for success with the following:

  • Strong internet connection - 2 Mbps and above

  • Computer with the most updated version of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

  • Working computer microphone

  • Pencil and paper

  • Zoom installed on your computer and have tested ability to use Zoom on this device

  • Plan to be ready to join the meeting 5 minutes before start time.
    To join the meeting, click the Launch button in your Dashboard no more than 5 minutes before the meeting starts.

When are the workshops and how long are they?
The Virtual Workshops are held live, every Sunday at 2pm Central. Each Virtual Workshop is 2 hours. For the first portion of the workshop you’ll partake in an immersive exercise covering 1 of 4 common topics ARE candidates struggle most with in that division. Around the second hour of the Virtual Workshop you will have time for Q&A about the exercise covered with a licensed architect.

Do I need any additional study material to attend the Workshops?
With an Expert membership, you’ll have everything you need to prepare for each Workshop. You’ll have access to our ARE 5.0 Pro study content (Videos, Practice Exams and Digital Flashcards) and be given a list of prerequisite videos to watch before you attend the Virtual Workshop.

How many new exercises are there?
Virtual Workshops run in a 4-week cycle, with no start or end date. Once your Expert membership starts, you can hop into the cycle, and in 4 weeks you’ll cover all the topics for a single division of the ARE.
If you elect to stay for more than one month, you’ll review the same topics again, but with new exercises - so you can really ensure you’ve mastered these concepts. Each Virtual Workshop is independent and does not build off one another, so you can truly join at any point.

How do I access the workshops?
Once you purchase an Expert membership, you’ll instantly gain access to the Expert Dashboard for the Virtual Workshops.
You’ll see upcoming Virtual Workshop titles, dates and prerequisite videos to watch for the upcoming Workshop.

We’ve built special features to help you manage and make the most of your Expert access:
RSVP - Plan on attending this workshop? Click the blue RSVP button to let us know, we’ll send you an email reminder the day of the Workshop. This button turns into the ‘launch workshop’ button 5 minutes before the Workshop starts.
Submit a Question - Use this button to submit a question on this topic to the instructor. They’ll cover it during the Q & A during the second hour.
Calendar icon - Add next or future workshops directly to your computer or phone’s calendar.
Community - Participate early and read up on the current discussion for the exam you’re prepping for in our ARE Community. See if others have the same questions you have.

How long do you recommend attending the workshops before being ready to take an exam?
We recommend completing 4 Virtual Workshops, consecutively, to complete a cycle of all 4 topics. If you attend for a second cycle, you’ll review the same topics but with a different exercise.
Each Virtual Workshop is independent and does not build off one another, so you can truly join at any time.

How do I end my access to the Virtual Workshops while still keeping access to the study content?
Once you downgrade through your member profile to a Pro or Premium membership, you'll lose access to all upcoming Virtual Workshops.
Downgrades take effect immediately.
The difference of the time remaining in your Expert membership and any lower tiered membership will be issued as a monetary credit to your member account and cannot be issued as a refund.
Credits will remain in your account indefinitely and will automatically apply to your next purchase or renewal.

If you're completely done studying before your next exam and you don't need to access any content after your next renewal date, just visit your member profile any day before your next renewal date and set your membership to cancel.
When you take this step, you'll retain access until the renewal date and time of the initial purchase and your membership will not renew.


Can I attend multiple workshops on the same day?
All Workshops are held live, every Sunday at 2pm Central. Expert members have the ability to attend one Workshop each week for the exam of their choice. You will get access to content for all six divisions with your membership, so you can switch over to a different exam’s workshops from week to week but cannot attend 2 meetings on the same day.

What if I miss a Workshop?
We strongly suggest using the ‘add to calendar’ function and RSVP every week for the Workshop you’d like to attend so you don’t miss any. Topics covered in each Workshop will repeat every 4 weeks, so if you miss a topic and want to ensure you get to practice that topic, just ensure you have an active Expert membership for the next time around.
Black Spectacles is not responsible for credits or refunds due to not attending Virtual Workshops.


Are the presentations and exercises available to download?
Virtual Workshops are only held as live interactive workshops to cover the exercises and aren't available to review after the live session. The exercises and answers covered are only available to complete and review during each live Workshop.
We've also built an ‘add event to calendar’ for each workshop so you can add future workshops to your calendar with a click.

Can I watch the workshop later?
The Virtual Workshops are held as live interactive workshops and require participation from each member attending. Recordings of each Virtual Workshop are not available.

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