Pass your division or we’ll pay for your next exam.

We’re putting our money where our mouth is. After intensive research and analysis of metrics from existing users, we know if you use our product to the fullest, you will pass the ARE.
If you don’t, we’ll call NCARB and give you a seat credit for your next exam because we still have faith in you.

Pass the AREⓇ Guarantee requirements

  • Attend at least 3 Virtual Workshops within the 60 days before your exam date

  • Watch 100% of Video Lectures and Practical Application videos within the 60 days before your exam date

  • Master 100% of the Flashcards within the 60 days before your exam date

  • Score 80% or better on a Practice Exam within the 60 days before your exam date

  • You must be an Expert member with an individual membership*

  • Report all pass/fails on your dashboard along with scheduled exam dates

  • Make your claim within 30 days of the exam date of the failed division

  • Submit NCARB AREⓇ Score Report for proof of fail within 30-day claim period

  • Apply the NCARB seat credit to the retake of the division in which you've met all requirements

If you're reading this because you have an ARE 5.0 Expert membership, failed your exam and met the requirements, click below to start the claim process.

Have more questions?
Please visit our Expert Guarantee FAQ article to learn more on how this works.

*For users registered under a firm membership, speak with your Account Manager, or learn more about our Firm Expert Guarantee.

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