1. I had an Expert membership and failed my exam, what do I do next to apply for the NCARB seat credit?

After logging in, please visit this page,
Choose the division from the drop down menu you'd like to apply for.

The system will check your study history to ensure you've hit all the Guarantee requirements.

If you did meet all requirements, you'll be taken to the next stage to complete the process.
If you did not hit all requirements, a pop up will appear to let you know where you missed the mark.

2. How long do I need to hold an Expert membership for?

Individual Expert members must have an active Expert membership for a minimum of one month.

3. The requirements state that I must study the specified content within the 60 days before my exam date. What if I started studying with Black Spectacles a few months ago?

If you've previously watched videos or mastered flashcards in your Dashboard from more than 60 days before your next exam date, you should clear the previously logged progress for all viewed Videos and mastered Flashcards.
If you don't take this step, you will not meet the Guarantee requirements in the chance that you fail your exam.

4. I've taken Practice Exams for this division before, how can I reset or clear the old scores?

Practice Exam attempts cannot be reset or cleared. Since you can take any form of our Practice Exams as many times as you'd like and they're date & time stamped, this won't affect your eligibility for our Guarantee if you have previously taken Practice Exams for this division.

5. I've studied all of the content and failed my exam, do I get free Black Spectacles access for my re-take?

The terms of the Guarantee cover the NCARB retake seat credit only and do not cover the cost of study content for the retake.

How to clear all watched videos for a single division and clear mastered Flashcards

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