Why should I study with the new content?

We've been working on enhancing our content this past year, starting with Construction and Evaluation. This enhanced content includes brand new videos and quizzes that test your knowledge as you move through the videos.

We've taken years of feedback and learnings to develop these enhancements. While we're not privy to any of the actual exam content, we work alongside learning experts and architects to develop the content needed to help you pass.

To read more in depth about what's changed - click below to read our blog post.

Fresh Construction & Evaluation Materials to Help You Pass the ARE

Can I change back to the original study content if I'd like to see the difference?

Yes. If you've started studying with our new content and would like to revert to the original videos with no quizzes, please visit your member profile to convert your CE Dashboard to the original content.

If you choose to revert your dashboard to the original study content, any study progress you've started from the new content will not transfer over.

Is the new CE content on your mobile iOS and Android apps?

No. The new CE content is not available on our iOS and Android apps. If you have committed to studying with the new content, please only do so on a computer for the best experience.

Does the Pass the ARE Guarantee still apply if I study with the new content?


As long as you have an Expert subscription, please keep in mind that you must:

  • Input your CE test date into your CE Dashboard

  • Watch 100% of videos within the 60 days before your exam date

  • Answer 100% of quiz questions within the 60 days before your exam date

  • Score a minimum of 80% on a Practice Exam attempt for CE within the 60 days before your exam date

  • Attend a minimum of 3 Virtual Workshops within the 60 days before your exam date

Members can choose to update their access to the original study content at any time.

Please keep in mind, switching to the original study content will clear your current study progress towards the Guarantee requirements. Any previous study progress cannot be replaced when switching between new and previous content.

I saw mention of a free month, how do I make sure I get it?

To qualify for a free month of Black Spectacles Expert access, you must:

  • Input your scheduled exam date for CE into your CE Dashboard.

    • Exam date must be between Nov 9, 2021 - Feb 28, 2022.

  • Use the new CE study content, entirely, to prepare for your exam.

  • Once you've taken the exam, complete the CE Exam Progress questionnaire via the Exam Progress section of your Dashboard.

    • Includes uploading the official 2 page CE NCARB Score Report no later than Mar 15, 2022

To update the version of CE content that is available to you, please click the button below to be taken to your member profile.

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