Add A Project

After logging in, click on +Add a project in the top right corner of the Home screen.

Add Images

Click Browse or drag an image into the box.

1600x1200 and higher resolution recommended.

10MB Maximum per image.

Click the Edit icon to add photo credit and a caption to each photo.

Drag the thumbnail image to the far left position to update the cover photo for this project.

Required Project Details

Enter required details:

  • Project Title

  • Summary of your project (3000 character max)

  • Project Status

  • Project Typology

  • Project Tools

  • Key Materials

Click Continue

Enter required details:

  • Your role in the project

  • Your responsibilities in the project (3000 character max)

  • Project location

  • Create and find existing tags related to your project for searchability

Click Publish Project to publish to Spectacular

To edit a project once it's published

Click on your member profile image

Choose My Profile

Click heading for Projects to view all published and draft projects

Click on Project Title of the project you wish to edit

Click on Edit Project button above the Cover photo to begin editing

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