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Keeping track of passed or failed NCARB exams
Keeping track of passed or failed NCARB exams

Using Exam Progress to track your exam dates, ARE results and get a free gift

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Reporting your ARE passed and failed exams is a big step. It will help you celebrate your victories and readjust after your downfalls.

Follow these steps to enter your upcoming exam date and we'll help you count down the days to each exam day.

  1. Enter your scheduled exam date into the Exam Status box

  2. Click Submit

Once you've taken your exam, be sure to let us know how you did. You'll be prompted to fill out a short questionnaire to help us understand how you prepared for your exam.


Q: I rescheduled my exam, how do I change my date in my dashboard?

A: Delete your old exam date by clicking the EDIT button and then DELETE.

Q: My exam date has passed but I did not take the exam, how do I delete the exam date from my Dashboard?

A: Visit your ARE Progress page, click UPDATE beside the exam you wish to update, then scroll to the bottom of the window to either edit or delete the date.

Q: Why should I report my ARE passes and fails?

A: We want you to stay on track and celebrate your victories along the way. We also want to celebrate with you once you pass the ARE by sending you a pretty awesome free gift!

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