Difference between Video Lectures, Practical Applications, Lecture Slides and video transcripts

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Video Lectures

With over 120 hours of video, all built in alignment with NCARB's exam objectives, Video Lectures give explanations of all major exam topics by our expert lecturers who are experienced and accomplished architects.

Practical Applications (available with Pro and Expert)

Practical Applications are short videos made with architects across the country who answer the question "Will we use this in the real world?" They help apply the concepts from Video Lectures and relate them to what you might see on the job.

Through this video series you’ll not only benefit from additional explanation of objectives, but you could identify with an area of focus and know what job to look for after you’re licensed.

Lecture Slides

These downloadable and printable lecture slides can be used to guide your note

taking while watching the videos.

Video Transcripts

Perfect for those who need alternative ways to study our Video Lectures or Practical Applications, video transcripts transcribe and auto-highlight each word so you follow along. You can search the transcripts by term and navigate directly to that portion of the video by clicking on the term you wish to jump ahead to.


Q: Can I download Videos to watch offline, later?

A: Videos are not able to be downloaded or available to watch offline.

Q: My video progress isn't reflecting what I've watched, what happened?

A: The video progress tracker will register videos watched when they're watched all the way through. While you can adjust the playback speed to your preference, the video progress tracker bar will not register if a video is fast forwarded to the end.

Q: How many hours of Video Lectures for each exam?

A: You can view the total time for each exam's video library by choosing a division from our ARE 5.0 page. After choosing an exam, you'll be shown total time for each exam's entire video library under "Video Lectures".

Q: Can I auto-play videos on my mobile device?

A: No. OS developers intentionally disable auto-play to protect the user's bandwidth. Most mobile web videos will require the user to click on the video to start playback.

Technical Support

How to clear all watched Videos for a single division

Click RESET VIEWED VIDEOS button in your division's Video section.

Videos aren't playing

If you encounter that Videos are not playing on your computer of phone, please take the following steps:

  1. Ensure you're using the most up-to-date version of your browser. We highly recommend using Chrome, Safari or Firefox. If you're using an older version of a browser, please update it before continuing with the following steps.

  2. Clear your browser's cache and restart your device. Most video playback issues across many platforms are resolved by restarting your device.

  3. If you're on a phone, ensure there's enough memory available to properly stream videos.

  4. Log into your Black Spectacles account with a Private or Incognito browser window. If the Videos play through the Private/Incognito window, there may be plugins installed in your main browser that are affecting Video playback.

Autoplay on mobile devices

If you're trying to enable autoplay while watching our videos on your phone, unfortunately, it's not possible. OS developers intentionally disable autoplay in order to protect the user's bandwidth. Most videos viewed through a mobile browser will require the user to click on the video to start playback.

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