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How to change your email address, cancel your next auto-renewal, and update other account information.

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Account Settings

To manage your Black Spectacles account information and subscription, click Settings.

From member settings, you can perform the following updates:

Upgrading and downgrading your subscription

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  1. Navigate to Manage Subscriptions and click Change Subscription. Select another subscription when you're shown the 3 subscription tiers.

    Don't worry, by selecting a new subscription, you won't be charged until you confirm the changes in the next steps.

2. Review your new subscription and prorated charges for the instant updated access.

Changes to subscription length may cause changes to your billing cycle start date, so please take note of the new renewal date.

E.g. upgrading from a monthly to a yearly subscription today will change your renewal date to today's date. Your next auto-renewal would be 12 months from the date of your upgrade.

A non-refundable credit will be added to your account for the cost difference of subscription downgrades (lower subscription tier or a shorter subscription length than the original purchase).
This credit will remain in your account and will automatically be applied to the next renewal or future purchase but cannot be issued as a refund.

Cancelling your subscription

It's easy to set your subscription to automatically end at the close of the current billing period. This step can be performed anytime before the next renewal date.

Once this step is taken, you'll still be able to study until the renewal date and time listed in your member settings (see image below) and your subscription will then end automatically.

No need to worry about beating the clock and cancelling on the last day of your subscription.

  1. Visit your account settings by clicking Settings in the upper right on any page. Then, Manage SubscriptionsCancel Subscription

2. Answer 3 questions on the next screen and let us know anything about your experience.

3. Click Cancel Subscription and you'll then be shown the date and time your subscription will automatically end.

4. If you forgot to take this step before your subscription recently renewed and do not wish to continue studying, please reach out to support by clicking on the blue chat-box in the bottom right of this screen and we'll be happy to help you out.

Our refund policy on subscriptions is a full refund within 3 days of your renewal date. Cancelling your subscription after the renewal date will not trigger a refund or immediately end your access.

Review and download receipts

When you purchase a subscription or your subscription renews, the system will email you a receipt after the card on file is charged. This receipt also includes your next renewal date which can also be found in your account settings.

If you don't see a receipt for your recent purchase, check all of your segmented inboxes. Please visit Billing History to view and download receipts.

Click on the blue Description to view and download a receipt.

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