1. Pricing: $349 per month for 7 months. PPD & PDD groups are $349 per month for 3 months.
    The first payment will be deducted from the card on file on the Friday before your group's start date. 
  2. When: You'll receive your group assignment, first meeting date & time and an introduction to your group's coach a few days prior to the first day of the program. You'll then receive your complete Group Coaching Program study schedule and future meeting dates after the Introductory Meeting. Groups will set their recurring virtual meetings to occur on weekend days only. 
  3. Groups: Each group is 8-10 individuals led by a licensed architect.
  4. Exam Order: Groups will take the exams in order that they are listed in the NCARB Handbook.
  5. Meetings Length: On average, there are 2 virtual meetings per exam, each lasting about 2-3 hours. Virtual meetings are held on weekend days. 
  6. Program Length: 7 months for all 6 exams.
    3 months for PPD & PDD only groups. 
  7. Attendance: Candidates are required to participate in and attend all meetings regardless if they've already passed an exam the group is studying.
  8. Schedule: Day-by-day study schedule of what to study, totals 15-20 hours of studying a week.
  9. Virtual meetings: Hosted via Zoom Video Communications for convenience. 
  10. Slack: Instant messenger system used to connect candidates to each other for additional support.
  11. Already a subscriber: We'll transfer your current subscription to our ARE 5.0 Pro and you'll receive a credit for the time left in your billing cycle.
  12. Have Pro access through your firm: You must register for the program with your firm email address. You'll then only have to cover the cost of the program itself ($150 per month) and any Black Spectacles access your firm doesn't cover. 
  13. Additional Material: We don’t require you to have any other materials. Since all of our tools were created using the NCARB objectives and resources listed in the Handbook, they should be all you need.

Register at https://blackspectacles.com/coaching/registration/questions

Visit https://blackspectacles.com/are-exam-prep-coaching to join the waitlist for future groups and view testimonials from previous Group Coaching candidates.

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