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What is the ARE Community? A place for ARE Candidates to ask questions, get answers from licensed architects, and share knowledge.

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We’ve built a forum to connect ARE Candidates with licensed architects and each other to support you during your ARE journey.

Here, you are able to post questions, respond to other members and jump in on conversations on all things ARE.

Community posts are searchable, so be sure to check if anyone else has already started a conversation on what you're seeking.

Join other Black Spectacles community members and licensed architects by posting in the community today!


Q: Can I post screenshots of my study material or resources in the community if I have a question?

A: No. We ask that you do not post screenshots of any paid content on our community page. Please compose your questions without the use of a screenshot.

Q: I am not a Black Spectacles subscriber, can I still post in the community?

A: Yes! Just create an account and start posting today.

Q: Do you have free study materials in the ARE Community?

A: Yes! We offer free quiz questions for all 6 divisions and Q&A from each ARE Live episode in our ARE Community.

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