Our Practice Exams are designed to mimic the actual ARE experience.

Each Practice Exam attempt is allowed the same time limit and has the same quantity and types of questions as the actual exam of that division (hot spot, multiple choice, drag and place and case studies).

We offer 3 forms of Practice Exams for each division of the ARE.
You cannot pause an attempt for longer than the allotted break time and come back to it later. You can take each form of our Practice Exams as many times as you'd like, so you can start and end an attempt if you don't have the full amount of time available to practice.
You'll be able to review the correct and incorrect answer explanations for each question for 60 days after that attempt (with an active membership only).

Curious about NCARB's December 2020 ARE updates?
Read our blog post outlining the updates and how we've adjusted our Practice Exams.

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