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Logging in

Updating payment information

Firm or Group member access

Logging in


The username is the email address that was input during purchase.

If you're receiving an error message that the email address is not recognized, first confirm the spelling is correct when attempting to log in.

If you've recently purchased and are receiving an error message that the email address is not recognized, it's helpful to check all filtered email folders and confirm you've received a receipt.

If no receipt can be located, it's possible that the email address was misspelled during the purchase. Contact or chat with us from the chat icon on the bottom right of this page and we'll help you correct any issues.


Passwords can be reset anytime by clicking on the Forgot your password? link on the login screen.

After inputting your email address in the next screen, you'll immediately be sent an email which includes a link to create a new password.

This link is only valid for 2 hours from the time at which it was sent to you. Please keep in mind that any subsequent requests for a new password will make any prior reset password emails invalid. Only use the most recently received email to reset your password.

Updating payment information

Black Spectacles will notify you via email when your payment is declined or your credit card on file is expiring soon.

You can update your payment method (credit card) through your member settings.

If a payment for a recurring subscription is declined, the system will attempt to charge the card on file for the next 2 days at the same time of day.

During this period, access to the study content will be paused until the card on file is updated and charged successfully or your subscription is ended automatically due to 3 failed attempts to charge the card on file.

Chat with us by clicking the blue chat icon on this page if you need help renewing your subscription.

For Firm or Group Members

Accessing Black Spectacles through your firm

If your firm or organization offers Black Spectacles to it's employees/members, a designated Group Admin can activate your login information.

To find out who the designated Group Admin of your organization is, please chat with us by clicking the blue chat icon on this page.

Once your Group's Admin activates your login information, you'll receive a series of emails to get you started.

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