Videos not playing


Restarting the device you are using typically solves 98% of video issues our users experience.


If that does not solve your issue, below is more information to help trouble shoot: 

Our videos stream using the most current version of Flash on all devices (with the exception of the iPhone & iPad.)

If they are not working for you, you may need to update your flash player which you can do by visiting this website:

If this does not work, and you are using Google Chrome, try using a different browser. (The reason is that Google Chrome has it's own version of Flash inside of the browser that sometimes conflicts with the version of Flash that is on your computer). If switching browsers works, but you'd really like to use Chrome, you can disable Chrome's native Flash plugin- here are details on how to do that:

Also please note, sometimes when viewing the videos from your firm's internet connection, you can get hung up on their firewall settings. If that's the case here are a couple of things your IT can check:

Occasionally we come across compatibility issues with the video player and particular graphics cards. If this happens right-click on the video player, select Settings and disable hardware acceleration.

If you are using Windows 7 you can also disable this setting globally by following these steps: right-click on your computer desktop and select Screen Resolution --> Advanced Settings --> Troubleshoot --> Change Settings and then slide the Hardware Acceleration bar to the None position.

If you're still seeing issues, please submit a support ticket ( and we'll give you a hand.

Thank you!

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